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I don’t wanna say Goodbye...

Everything is always good until it isn’t. Ive never liked saying goodbye. Unfortunately, most of my romantic relationships end in a goodbye. Either I knew it would come to that point because I was simply wasting time with a guy knowing I didn’t really like him or because it just didn’t work out. There, however, was one goodbye neither had a choice in the matter. It’s important for me to share in order to completely heal.

*The Unspoken Goodbye*

He walked with a confidence that no earthly being could knock down.

His smile...just as bright as the future we all knew he had.

His beauty was obvious to any eye that beheld him.

It was a beauty almost too good to roam around mere mortals.

An angel on earth is what he appeared to be.

His voice with a rasp that flowed just as strong as any David Ruffin ballad...stopped and commanded any room.

Sermons given with deep conviction yet strong encouragement.

He wasn’t an everyday hello...yet he was such a difficult goodbye.

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