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You’re divorced now. Things aren’t looking the way you envisioned they would be for you when you were contemplating the divorce? Or maybe divorce isn’t what you wanted, but you somehow still ended up here. Yeah girl I know. It be like that sometimes. You were probably thinking surface level. Get me out of this mess and I’ll be good was a possible thought. Well, it was for me. What you did not think of was the fact that you just may be single for a while, or how stressful it is to even get back into dating. And these are just the light things. I won’t even get into the area of chores, repairs, children, etc. Unless, of course, you had no help with that beforehand. I realize that this is very possible.

But…back to the point at hand. You’re here now. You are indeed single. And just maybe you do not have a new boo like some of the other people around you. I want to encourage you to not allow social media to make you feel like you’re missing out. Don’t rush. It takes time. Once you have divorced, it is so important that you take the necessary time to learn yourself before moving forward. I’ll be honest, you may get weary in the wait, but realize there is a purpose for the wait. Learn who you are. Love who you are. Create a routine for YOU. What you are desiring is also desiring you and will happen when the time is right.

Oh...please take the time to enjoy the clip below!!! This my jam!!!!

Much love,


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