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Raptisoft Hamsterball Gold The Game nardawn




A: Yes, it is possible to make your own settings file (there are many other FAQs on this question). Many games have no built-in way to save settings, and it is a pretty complex task to develop one for all settings. If you get a Save Game option, it is always saved in a subdirectory of the game directory, and the name of that directory is the same as the name of the executable. So just get the executable, copy the contents of the save directory to somewhere else, remove the save directory, and rename the executable. If you don't have a Save Game option, the file is probably named game.exe.cfg (in a subdirectory of %systemroot%, but it is pretty likely it is under the game directory). You can save settings in a.ini file. Most games use that format to load settings. If you have a Save Game option, then it is likely that it uses a.ini file. Many games provide a built-in interface to change settings (e.g., games that let you use the keyboard to change settings or use a gamepad or joystick). If you don't have any of the above options, you can create a.ini file in Notepad. I assume that the game is using a txt or xml format to store settings. In Notepad, you just add the settings that you want. Put the.ini file in the same directory as the executable, and then rename it (if there is no Save Game option, you can leave the file name as-is). You can also create a backup copy before you start, and then rename the backup copy after changing the settings. Q: How to set the image path in applet How to set the path for the image which is already placed in the jar. For example, if my image name is logo.png. I have created an applet to display the images. I have been able to set the code which will display the image inside the applet. But I was not able to set the path to the image inside the applet. i.e., I want to set the image path in the applet like Currently, I am able to set the image path like this code: Image image = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().createImage(new URL("




Raptisoft Hamsterball Gold The Game nardawn

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