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"Confront your fear of love." -God

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

I’m afraid of love.

It, for some reason, feels as though I’m giving my inner best to someone. They can do either one of two things: build me up or completely destroy me. That’s what love feels like to me.

I’m afraid that I’ve suppressed any feelings that I may have towards anyone of the opposite sex. Is this natural, nope! I really don’t think it is and to be perfectly honest I’m a little tired of masking the fact of wanting to have and share love with a man. Deep sigh. Whew.

This morning God spoke to me and said it’s time to confront your fear of love. I swear I was like oh gosh. But how can I argue with the one who gave us all true love. So, join me as I travel through unraveling my fear of love.

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