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Am I okay?

I’m sitting here trying to talk myself into doing my facial skin care regimen... I don’t even feel like it. It’s gonna have to be plain Jane facial wash tonight. I just looked up at a note on my prayer wall and it says “what am I to learn in my singleness....what does God want to teach me?”.... I pondered over those questions. I’m starting to think about me being single. I’m okay. For the first time I can say I’m okay. Or am I? I’m okay because I don’t wanna be found right now. Then I stop and think...why don’t I want to be found? What is it that would make me want to continue the road of singleness. Fear. I am afraid. I am tired. I don’t feel like getting to know anyone and I don’t feel like them getting to know me. Questions are so dry to me lol. However I know God is wanting me to not fear love coming for me. This is definitely going to be a process.

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